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We have an extensive apothecary (~500 herbs) available for use in three formats. These are raw herb, tincture pharmacy, and 5:1 concentrated extract powder.

Why use my apothecary for your needs?

Wholesale accounts can be set up. Orders can be shipped priority mail to your office, or your clients can pick the order up themselves. Direct mail is available or you (the practitioner) can pick up orders yourself. My apothecary consists of approximately 500 Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western herbs and is in 3 formats.

My wholesale rates are:

You can mark up accordingly to your clients. Shipping or delivery is charged on your wholesale account and you charge your clients accordingly. On direct ship, priced invoices can be excluded and just a packing slip can be sent.

Based on your discretion, if the product is received through your office, the client cannot direct order unless you specifically allow this action (I will not steal your clients). If a client comes to me direct, I will check with you first.

I also offer custom products (bulk or customer size) made for practitioners. For example massage therapist that would like a specific formula liniment made or a dozen 1 ounce size arnica st. johns wort salves made for customers.

What the products look like: Tincture, custom tea, conc. Extr. Pdr. Custom product

       Tincture        Tea        Powder       

Why tincture format is very effective

Those that might have an issue with the alcohol base can place the dosage of tincture in hot water and it will evaporate the alcohol and leave the essence of the formula.

As far as strength of each format: Starting with the most potent:

So summarize what I offer:

You will be utilizing a service that will lead to greater client/patient compliance and in turn make your treatment more effective and achieve greater results Which in turn leads to happy clients/ patients and they end up being return customers. They tell their friends and you get more clients and the cycle will continue. Its a win-win scenario.

Veiw the complete list of herbs available.

Download the fax order form.

Download the brochure.

Email orders can be placed in a similar format to the fax form. Items necessary in the email:

Practitioner name and address. Client name Client address (if direct ship option) Formula size, format, and name. List each herb (Common, Latin, Pinyin) Amount or ratio of each Example:

I shall keep a log of any formulas ordered, and repeat orders need only require: name, format, size, and formula name.

Returns are not accepted on custom formulation or custom products.

Sue's Herbal Heaven bears no responsibility for the administration of custom formulations.

Due to fluctuations in the herbal marketplace, prices for formulations may change without notice.

Custom Teas/ Tangs, Bulk Herbs $5 minimum order.

5:1 custom formulations. $5 minimum order. 35" per gram (5:1 Concentrated Extract Powders Free gram spoons available on request.

Customer size product minimum order of 10 items.

Bulk custom orders minimum size 1 pt.


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